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The Earth Element is Weak in our lives today

Crystals are ready to work with us. Stones Journey presents Crystals 101 - A workshop that will start you on your own stones journey.

In this foundational crystal workshop, you will have found the following ways to work with crystals

  • Meditation - both active and passive practice
  • Divination - questions and answers
  • Healing - simple techniques to support the body
  • Psychological - Your own emotional and psychic tendencies 
  • Integration - bring stones into your everyday life

We will be working with three specific crystals looking at their unique interactions with us and how each stone will provide a different insight to each exercise. 

A selection of Blue Kyanite, Selenite and Black Tourmaline will be provided for us to work with and are available for you to purchase at the end of the workshop.

Crystals will never stop supporting you, they will never let you down. They feed your mind and your heart with insights. Giving you guidance on the actions that will lead to your success.

Come to our workshop and I look forward to working with you.


Graham is a crystal connoisseur, with a background in coaching and facilitation. Who has been on the path of spirituality ever since he was intrigued by various occult practices since he was 14. Having received some interesting information through channelling sessions, part of the information was to go back towards a shamanic practice. He is particularly resonant with energies of crystals and credits them in his personal transformation and developing spiritual awareness. Graham is passionate about imparting the wisdom of crystals and turning that knowledge into something deeply practical for his participants.

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Workshop Location

The Alternative Store, 59 Haji Lane, 189252


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